Gone but not Forgotten

Published on March 9, 2016

Dear reader, it's been too long. Fear not, I've not forgotten you. I don't have much time to fully explain myself right now, because things are just a little bit busy these days (actually that's totally a lie. Things are crazy right now). We're deep in the midst of working on our final project (codenamed rmmts), an app to allow roommates to keep track of chores and finances and stuff. It's a fun project, and it's coming together pretty well thus far (knocking on all the wood).

I can't write a full post right now, but my time at Bitmaker is almost at an end! So there'll be a pretty substantial wrap-up post, likely this weekend or early next week. We're presenting our final projects to our instructors and classmates on Friday, and the full-on industry demo night is March 22nd, so things will likely be a bit wild until after the 22nd. Of course, right after that, the job hunt begins in earnest, so that'll be another unpredictable time!

Hopefully you're not too disappointed by my lack of posting lately, but I hope you understand my reasoning, and don't worry - there'll be a lengthy post coming up soon (hopefully)!