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Hi! I'm Mike, and I'm here to help

I'm a software developer based in Toronto, and available to improve your business's online presence. Whether you need a custom e-commerce solution, a back-end framework migration, or a slick new front-end, I can help.

I have 6+ years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer. I've worked with a wide variety of modern web technologies, as seen below. I have worked in companies of all sizes, from a tiny real-estate startup, to a mid-size media company, all the way to a large Silicon Valley B2B company.

I am passionate about clean code, testing, new technology, and cold brew coffee. I am available on a freelance or contract basis to work with your team and improve your web presence.

Latest Blog Post

Are we there yet? When I was a kid, my siblings and I needed to find ways to entertain ourselves on long car rides. We thought it was fun to "secretly plan" to ask my parents, in unison, and in that particular sing-song way, "Are we there yet?". Of course, we rarely were, and we knew that. And sure enough, the answer was always no. (More specifically, the answer was usually an interval of time measured in episodes of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, which somehow became the standard unit of measurement for long car rides in our family.)

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